Why should you submit a guest post?


Here are the top reasons why you should submit a guest post

  1. Enhance your writing skills buy guest blogging. Guest posting demands that you write well written engaging content. This can stretch your writing skills. This pushes you to write on topics in interesting ways to keep your audience engaged. 
  2. Guest posting improves your page content by adding valuable relevant back-links. 
  3. Establish relationship with others in your field. While guest blogging you will build relationships with others in your field. In addition, if your article is good enough you could have many readers commenting. This will require you to interact with your audience. 
  4. Build reputation by guest posting on authoritative websites. Soon people in your field will recognize you as an expert. You may even become the go-to-person for your niche. 
  5. Guest blogging can bring in the leads. Blogging can not only attracts random traffic but also key individuals already in your field. 
  6. Increase referral traffic by submitting guest posts on top authority websites within your niche. 
  7. Improve website awareness and rankings. If you can write engaging content readers will want to read more of your articles and thus will be searching for more of your content. This will result in an increase in referral traffic. 
  8. Improve communication skills. Writing guest posts is a great way to improve your communication skills. Your article needs to be good enough to convince your readers and webmasters its good engaging content worth being posted. 
  9. Learn more about your industry. As you write you end up doing research while working on your guest post and thus learn more about your particular industry. 
  10. Long term value from permanent links back to your site. As long as your guest post remains on those high traffic sites they will continue to send you traffic.

Guest article submissions can help with:

Show your know-how 

Articles that share valuable information about your industry will help you build your brand and gain confidence from future customers. You will begin to be seen as a resource and a leader in your field by sharing expertise through article directories. The more articles you have about on your topic the more influence and trust you will have. If I read one article on Dog grooming for example I may be persuaded by the article but if I see and read 12 really good high quality articles on the topic of dog grooming I will surely have more confidence and trust in the author and his or her website and other products and services.

Improve your page content with relevant back-links 

Google likes to see links from other relevant, highly trafficked websites to your website content. Original high quality articles match the bill and the relevant links in the article will increase traffic, giving you greater credibility with search engines. Quality links work smoothly on the Internet, giving users relevant search results for their online queries. Unfortunately, some webmasters and SEO companies are trying to set up the system to create websites with low - quality links that are not relevant to the original website. All in an effort to increase the page ranking of a site. This technique has produced results in the past. To be honest, the outcomes are usually short lived. After the latest Penguin updates, however, the system has become much more difficult to play with low quality, irrelevant links. And the penalties will become much heavier. The aim of each search engine is to give the end user relevant, up to date and useful results for a query. To do this, the good should be separated from the not so good. Links are one of the factors used to determine the authority and quality of a site by the search engines. In the past, black hat SEOs were able to create websites with an overabundance of low quality, irrelevant links to try to fool the search engine to give the site a higher ranking.

Improve natural search rankings quickly 

Other types of content marketing will help you with natural search, but high quality article submissions websites like bookmarkz.info can make a difference much faster than just publishing on your own website and social media. Google and other search engines easily index the tools and services for this site and our articles. More important than ever is the use of legitimate link building strategies. As Google continues to reduce spam sites and focuses on providing its customers with the best possible user experience, relevant link building strategies will be rewarded over the long term.
Relevant links should increase the visibility of a website organically, connecting the site to authoritative documents and web pages that give the online user real value. The relevance of page to page is when the page link to your website is relevant to the page to which you link. The two pages linked together are therefore mutually relevant. The link to page relevance is if the link is relevant on the page, i.e. if the link has contextual significance on the page. In essence, we check here to see whether the link is relevant to the content around it, has contextual meaning and is not shoehorned. There is no relevant link that has no link to page relevance. If the link on the page and the content around it is irrelevant, it is a definitive red flag for a manipulative link.

Increase your website traffic 

the more you publish online, the more frequently you have the chance to see the results. If you do not post often then your chances are very low on receiving traffic to your website. When your audience reads your article. If it is useful and interesting, they click on the link and visit your website. You articles should be engaging to the reader and should be informative and provide useful information. This encourages your reads to also like and link to your articles.

Bring in leads 

Of course, all the increased traffic you get is guaranteed to be relevant. You will attract not only " random" traffic with your widely distributed items, but also people who are already interested in your industry, product or service and impressed by your expertise. Its hot leads.

Not all links are created equal 

There are search engine patents based on there are certain links on a pages that are more important than others and thus should be given more weight than others. The types of links are more important and are usually prominent links higher up in the pages. These are also relevant links that are directly related to the source of the article and the target article or web page. For example, links found at the footer like Term of Service, banner ads and other unrelated links are not as important as a prominent link relevant included in the article. Think about a “reasonable surfer”. What is the likely hood of a reasonable surfer clicking on Terms of Service link at the bottom of a page as opposed to a prominent link in the article? So the bottom line is when a link in an associated document is related to a topic it has a higher probability of being selected than an unrelated link with the target article.

Ask yourself this question while writing your article 

Will the article and link bring engaged highly qualified visitors to my web site? If you can answer yes to this question then you have a great article worth posting.

Get long- term value from permanent links 

As long as your subjects are relevant, your article will remain on the highly trafficked sites and will continue to send you traffic in the future.