Monday, January 14, 2019

Photography by Edward Alexander Presenting Things of History

Photo of Civil War Cannon

Civil War Cannon at Stones River Battlefield
During the American Civil War, Civil War artillery played a major role. It was used against infantry, constructions, and fortresses. Artillery fought alongside the battlefield infantry. This cannon is located at the Stones River National Battlefield, Rutherford County Stones River Park, Tennessee. It commemorates Stones River Battle. This major battle of the American civil war took place on 31 December 1862 and 2 January 1863 and led to a strategic victory for the Union.

Photo of an Old Tree

Barfield Crescent Oak Tree
Barfield Crescent Park takes you back to a time long before the first people settled in the area of the Middle Tennessee region. This location brings us back to the Cretan period about 144 to 65 million years ago in the history of our planet. During the Cretan period, North America began to move northwest of the massive continent of Pangaea and eventually settled in its current position. A massive amount of land in North America, now populated by millions of people, was completely submerged in water 94 million years ago. Once submerged by this prehistoric sea, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico and even parts of Middle Tennessee were included. There are wonderful rock formations around you as you walk through Barfield. Made mainly of calcareous stone, a soft rock that is easily weathered by the flow of water, these formations seem to be caves flowing across the forest. However, these formations are not caves but proof of an ancient sea floor that existed once. Imagine them, as you stand next to these open trenches, as the bottom of our modern oceans and the deepest and darkest depths of the trenches.

Photography of  a Train

Old Blue

The Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, completed in January 1854, played a crucial role in shaping the landscapes of the Stones River National Battlefield. The raised path bed was the scene of some of the most important battles in the Stones River Battle. Union cannons massed at the top of the railroad turned the Confederate tide back before reaching the Nashville Pike and the tracks. The railroad served as a vital supply artery for Union forces moving into the deep south after the battle. Years after the war the company played a leading role in the preservation and interpretation of the fighting ground. This one is most likely belonging to CSX Transportation that is no longer being used any more.

Image of a Lion Head 

Lion Head
The Lion head is on the doors of the Parthenon. Parthenon is proud to be the centerpiece of Centennial Park, the first urban park in Nashville. The re-creation of the 42-foot statue Athena, like in ancient Greece, is the focus of the Parthenon. The building and the statue of Athena are replicas of the Athenian originals on a full scale. As you enter rub the Lion's nose for good luck.

Photo of Old Wheels

Wall of Wheels
Wagon wheels at Cannonsburgh Village. Cannonsburgh showcases regional history from the 1830s to the 1930s, with buildings including a schoolhouse and general store.

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